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A celebrity footballer. Their college woman enthusiast. a wife whom vanishes.

A celebrity footballer. Their college woman enthusiast. a wife whom vanishes.

Chris and Lyn may actually have the perfect wedding. However when Lyn goes missing, dark secrets are buried. This will be no fairytale, but a sordid tale of strangely close twin brothers, teenage pupil fans, and likely murder.

Take note: The Teacher’s Pet podcast is going to be temporarily unavailable in Australia, pending Chris Dawson’s test for the murder of his wife, Lyn.

Unique Modify Episode

As Chris Dawson’s defence group, authorities and prosecutors work tirelessly to prepare for a murder test which can be heard a while the following year, 2020, the group behind The Teacher’s Pet podcast series discloses a fresh development – using down the very first 16 episodes in Australia, to greatly help guarantee Chris gets a trial that is fair. And Greg Walsh, Chris’s experienced attorney, flags a few of the problems and claims that are vital that you him plus the accused.

Episode 1: Bayview

Lyn ended up being a passionate mother and wife. She adored her spouse, but he betrayed and humiliated her within the many callous way. Now she’s gone – lacking, a victim that is likely of.

Episode 2: Cromer Tall

Cromer tall School’s sports that are pin-up Chris Dawson pursued 12 months 11 pupil Joanne Curtis utilizing the type of relentless dedication he revealed as a celebrity of rugby league. Chris had model apperance, a charm that is easy and pupils seemed as much as him. Other instructors adopted their lead, seducing susceptible college girls as those who work in cost seemed away.

Episode 3: Bruised

As Chris brazenly relocated his teenage lover to the house, Lyn saw the cracks in her own marriage widen. It absolutely was crumbling all over her. Not able to think the worst of her spouse, she reacted with denial, but to her relatives and buddies suffering that is lyn’s clear. While the cost had not been simply emotional. A former babysitter for the Dawsons speaks for the first time about the violence she witnessed in the home in this episode.

Episode 4: Soft Soil

Humiliated and broken by her husband’s affair, Lyn finally asked Joanne to go out of the Bayview house. The teenager moved out, and in to the house of Chris’s twin bro, Paul, a hundred or so metres down the street that is same. Tensions proceeded to increase. After which instantly, Lyn vanished. A surprise new witness speaks publicly for the first time about something he was told in 1987, indicating the possible whereabouts of a body in this episode.

Episode 5: A Lovely Take In

In January 1982, because so many Australians enjoyed a holiday that is carefree colombian brides, Lyn Dawson had been wanting to select within the tattered threads of her wedding. Joanne Curtis had been taking tentative actions to extricate herself from Lyn’s husband to her affair. And Chris Dawson had been desperately looking for solutions. In this episode, a damning piece of proof – when thought lost – is recovered, and it’s also a thing that must certanly be very important towards the Director of Public Prosecutions.

When you look at the times and months after Lyn’s disappearance, Chris Dawson supply a selection of recommendations as to her possible whereabouts. Maybe she had opted north to consider their wedding. Perhaps she’d joined up with a cult, or perhaps a spiritual team. But whatever he stated, he demonstrably thought she was never ever planning to get back, as he immediately relocated Joanne back in your family home where she became the newest mother to their two kids.

Episode 7: The Bands

On 15, 1984, Chris and Joanne wed at Bayview january. The young bride looked like a flower girl with no veil, and in a non-traditional dress. On her behalf hand, she wore Lyn’s bands. Chris’s bro Paul and their spouse Marilyn had been witnesses, but there clearly was one thing Marilyn did know n’t. a key existed involving the brothers and Joanne.

Episode 8: Hopeless

Lyn Dawson have been lacking for 36 months whenever her worried friend Sue had written towards the workplace for the Ombudsman – a government that is independent – concerning the not enough police action in case. We go searching and retrieve a long-forgotten file after years in storage space, therefore the articles highlight the hopeless responses of authorities to a probable murder – and raise more concerns, as general public anger grows.

Episode 9: Dreamworld

Making the dark shadow of Lyn’s disappearance behind, Chris relocated his young brand new spouse and kiddies north to Queensland, into a house on acreage close to the newly-opened theme park, Dreamworld. Isolated behind high fences, Joanne lived the lifetime of a ‘Stepford wife’, and ended up being likely to satisfy every one of her husband’s needs . including continuing to appear such as for instance a college woman.

Episode 10: Damaged

After six hard years, the volatile wedding ended up being over. Joanne felt she had become ‘disposable’, as Lyn have been years prior to, and feared on her life. She fled back once again to Sydney, telling buddies she ended up being convinced Chris had murdered their very first wife. In this episode, you’ll notice exactly exactly what Chris Dawson told detectives as he ended up being interviewed in 1991.

Episode 11: Commitment

Chris Dawson ended up being interviewed by authorities in 1991, after which never ever once more. But Sue Strath, Lyn’s devoted buddy, kept agitating for an additional investigation, plus in 1998 Detective Damian Loone ended up being assigned into the situation. Curiously, the sooner research records had vanished.

Episode 12: Momentum

A few of them hadn’t seen one another since Cromer tall days a lot more than 30 years back nevertheless they arrived together in a show of force, determined to put on to account instructors that has preyed in students for intercourse. Meanwhile, the detective Damian Loone escalates their murder investigations, interviewing many witnesses in a quest for the truth. Plus the part of “soft soil” comes home into focus.

Episode 13: The Machine

Prior to the very very very first coronial inquest, authorities faucet phones into the lead-up to searching in a somewhat tiny area across the children’s pool at Bayview, where they find a woman’s cardigan. The criminal activity scene officer on that dig defines just just what he thought were marks that are stab the apparel. He suspects Lyn’s keeps are nevertheless on the market – and might have now been narrowly missed considering that the dig had been limited for budgetary reasons. A student becomes concerned that Chris is trying to groom many of her friends at an all-girls school as the coronial inquests get under way. The inquests are harmful to Chris – but the system fails Lyn and her household again.

Episode 14: Decision Time

After 36 long years, failed authorities investigations, two coronial inquests, and countless appeals from Lyn’s household, the outcome is more powerful now – and when once again it is in the possession of of this workplace for the DPP. Aside from their choice, the NSW police commissioner pledges to help keep investigations going, in which he intends to purchase a more significant dig at the Bayview home. In this episode, previous coroner Carl Milovanovich explains why he thinks a jury would convict Chris within the probable murder of Lyn – and just why the actual situation nevertheless troubles him today, fifteen years after their inquest in a Sydney courtroom. And Lyn’s child Shanelle has last words in honour of her mom.

Episode 15: Digging

After an amazing groundswell of community interest ignited by this podcast, September saw a development that is stunning the truth with authorities going back to the Bayview household to conduct a brand new and more thorough seek out the keeps of Lyn Dawson. This dig had been a requisite – not merely to attempt to unearth evidence that is new but additionally to displace public self- self- confidence and also to persuade Lyn’s family members that law enforcement, this time around, would do their jobs properly. Meanwhile, brand brand brand new witnesses come forth with compelling tales of encounters with Chris Dawson and their explosive mood.

Episode 16: Arrest

Almost 37 years after Lyn Dawson disappeared, police have actually arrested Chris Dawson on the so-called murder of his spouse, using him into custody and planning their extradition to Sydney where he can face court. Once the knock from the home arrived, the 70-year-old had been relaxed. The timing might have been a shock, but he’d known for the time that is long this very day will come. Calling the problem “a cool instance murder”, the magistrate denied Dawson’s application for bail citing a higher journey danger, and stated the top alleged domestic physical violence allegations against Chris Dawson could be raised in proof, also testimony from Joanne Curtis. But Dawson’s family members think he can be cleared, releasing a declaration saying after she left her husband and daughters that he is innocent and that there is clear and uncontested evidence that Lyn Dawson was alive long.